Telephone Skills

A highly interactive one-day programme that allows administrators to 'tame the telephone' and achieve outstanding results.

Used widely within central and local government, call centres and customer care lines the following objectives are explored in an upbeat and practical manner

  1. Describe the key components of effective communication and the potential challenges involved in communication over the phone.
  2. Identify the way their voice can influence the people they call and how to use their voice for maximum potential.
  3. Use techniques to help them be more assertive and confident on the phone.
  4. Describe some useful influencing and negotiating techniques.
  5. Use effective questions to solicit information and to achieve the results they want.
  6. Describe how to professionally handle calls, including how to use opening and closing techniques.
  7. Describe methods and techniques for handling 'difficult”'calls.
  8. Complete an action plan to identify how to take the learning forwards.

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