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Recognised by -

The Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, The University of Portsmouth.

Robbery Management (One day)

The exchange of cash and valuables for service provision is an essential part of everyday business.

Cash handling facilities remain a constant target for both opportunist and professional criminals. Attacks on staff are very often sudden and violent.

Although many organisations have detailed policy on how staff should deal with such events often this well meaning advice fails to be translated into everyday working practices.

The one-day programme examines the human reaction to the impact of a Robbery and provides a number of pragmatic skills that have been shown to work in real life situations.

Simple and easy to remember tactics address effective preventative measures and how to deal with an attack, and remain safe throughout, to post scene management.

Accredited by the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at The University of Portsmouth the programme carries both an insight into current research within this arena of criminal activity and effective solutions for Robbery Management that can be applied immediately within the working environment.

Used widely within Central & Local Government, Retail and the Cash and Valuables in Transit Industry the business benefits represent a substantial return on investment.

National Occupational Standards B5 09 04

Winner of Award for Outstanding Skills Development Partnership

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