Presentation Skills

'It's not what you know it's the way that you say it?' How often has an important corporate message lost its meaning and impact because of the presenter's lack of prowess in front of a group?

It is not an easy task to do and even those who possess bundles of confidence can often find a group of people difficult to motivate and inspire, especially during the session straight after lunch!

The knowledge of facts is only part of the equation. In order to present information a would-be presenter has to be engaging and appreciative of the needs of the target audience.

Time management is essential as is the ability to accommodate change in an instant when any number of nightmare scenarios descends during an important part of the delivery schedule!

The 2-day programme provides a foundation platform for those individuals who wish to develop their skills further or for those who will be presenting short programmes in the future.

Key areas include: presentation techniques, the experiential learning cycle, the simple to complex approach, group work, training aids, combating those nerves, formulating aims & objectives and individual action plans

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