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Retail Security Officers Course

The TFS approach seeks not only to provide robust safety strategies but accelerates the exchange professional knowledge to provide practical ways to manage out high-risk and potentially fatal incidents away from your business with a clear recognition and application of what to do when de-escalation tactics fail (as inevitably they do when mental health and substance abuse are aggravating factors).

Within the commercial sector especially the disruption of serious & organised criminal gangs is a concurrent thread throughout as are the legal drivers and topical case law that if not interpreted correctly at source can cause significant reputational harm, especially the landmark Josephine Mitchell & Others v United Co-operatives Limited [2012] EWCA Civ 348 ruling that places the burden of employee safety measures, that are commensurate with the identified risks, solely upon the employer.

The industry leading 2-day programme for newly appointed security staff and an ideal refresher for experienced personnel that engages with a number of important disciplines including –

  • Risk Assessment – How to formulate a dynamic risk assessment in order to identify safe and proportionate responses.
  • Personal Safety strategies – Dealing with low to medium risk events and how to disengage from high risk situations safely.
  • Observation skills - Intelligence gathering. Recording important data that can be shared within the wider policing family.
  • Managing the stress response – How to maintain a cool posture when dealing with demanding and often volatile situations.
  • Dealing with persistent offenders – Working in partnership with the police by using existing primary legislation to exclude persistent offenders.
  • Corporate Law – What the law allows; reasonable force; decision making; civil recovery; citizens arrest; statement construction; etc.
  • Company policy – How to read policy using the rule of statutory interpretation.
  • Retail scams – Learn from the criminals themselves.
  • Physical Intervention – How to escort and detain threatening offenders who pose a risk to staff and customers alike. This section is SIA compliant.

Delivered by experienced professionals utilising a number of dynamic learning methods this programme provides a significant return on investment by equipping staff to deal with operational security issues in a confident, upbeat and legal manner.

Client feedback –

“I found the course very useful, especially the personal safety techniques, PI techniques and legal side as well as the risk discussion.” Morrisons Retail Security Operative

“Well structured. Excellent content. Well managed and very good instruction given throughout. Simply the best training I’ve received.” Waitrose Security Officer

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