Dealing with kidnap and hostage situations

Staff in vulnerable roles, especially those who occupy executive posts, are increasingly exposed to risks from protesters, fanatics and organised criminal gangs.

Conventional kidnaps along with Tiger and Virtual situations have become headline news. Historical targets remain albeit more vulnerable locations such as retail and the leisure industry are an attractive source of income for the criminal fraternity.

Dealing with the aftermath of such an event is only part of the equation and organisations must incorporate a robust and functional plan that engages with a number of partners including the police and media to effectively deal with the reality of kidnap and hostage situations.

In addition organisations must proactively address preventative measures that may embrace family members. Such activity must be both practical and reassuring as not to cause widespread anxiety.

This bespoke programme provides the organisational requirements needed to manage and effectively deal with hostage and kidnap situations coupled with an awareness of policing protocols that are pertinent to such an event.

Furthermore essential anti-surveillance techniques are examined in a manner that empowers susceptible members of staff and their families to manage kidnap and hostage threats and report vital intelligence.

The appropriate training of key staff and awareness provision for their families will always give an organisation a vital edge.

National Occupational Standards B5 09 05

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