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The Professional Enforcement Officer Programme

Locally appointed enforcement staff face the daunting task of prosecuting legislation and being the first on scene at community emergencies often without the support and regular training of the emergency services.

Yet accountability for their actions and reputational management of their employer remains the same. Coupled with the obvious and ever present conflict and personal safety issues the selection of the requisite developmental programme can be challenging especially when the legal consequences of incorrect interventions can be damming and costly.

The most cost effective solution

TFS believes that choice is an important factor in determining the best fit and ROI in terms of existing skill-set, the needs of the community and, if appropriate, future aspirations for full accreditation within the extended police family.

TFS is a leading provider of community safety training with clients from across several business sectors including transport (e.g. Transport for London), retail (e.g. Waitrose), local government (e.g. The London Boroughs of Croydon, Hounslow), security (e.g. Carlisle Security & Ultimate Security) & education (e.g. Brunel and Kingston University).

The delivery process exceeds the quality and content benchmarks set by The College of Policing and provides a definable route to operational capability and resilience. The key questions to consider in terms of community safety training can be reviewed here.

A pick & mix approach

The full components of the Home Office Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) are listed below.

For clients that require full CSAS accreditation by their respective police service the industry leading classroom based solution is the best fit. However, TFS recognises that not all clients seek full CSAS accreditation yet require a reliable skill-set that meets the requirements of local enforcement and the management of community risks and spontaneous emergencies.

Furthermore, the existing profile of the workforce may require a more flexible approach to learning and development.

Finally, an organisation may wish to future proof their resilience via accredited prior learning and seek full CSAS accreditation in the future.

These options are available via the unique TFS ‘routes to success’ programme fully accredited by Skills for Security.

  • The extended police family and Community Safety Accreditation Schemes
  • Interpersonal social skills in the community
  • Diversity and social inclusion within communities
  • Conflict management and assertiveness
  • Risk assessment and personal safety
  • Crime reduction in communities
  • The law relating to Community Safety Accreditation Schemes and Accredited Persons
  • Solving problems associated with community safety
  • Recording evidence and details of incidents
  • Crime or incident scene management
  • Using communications equipment
  • Dealing with emergencies and incidents within the community

Routes to success

Route 1 – Full CSAS accreditation programme

Route 2 – The professional Enforcement Officer programme (without the prescribed legal powers for full CSAS accreditation)

Route 3 – Choice of accredited modules delivered as a bespoke client programme

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