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The membership only portal for loss prevention professionals and heads of corporate security provides an intelligence
led forum that engages with slow time primary material supplied by current informants. This group is managed in line with
ACPO best practise and is fronted by an ex-offender in the form of short downloadable video clips covering a number of
elements including, for example, credit card fraud, shoplifting scams, robbery and general deceptions.

Target Audience

The primary audience is front-line operatives who hitherto, due to commercial drivers such as churn and volume,
have had little in terms of security awareness albeit collectively represent the most vulnerable side of any commercial

Engagement with this group is essential and to this end the outputs have been purposely modelled around the social
networking genre. Credible presentation in short chunks is coupled with clear examples of current and cyclical scams that
can be actively used by the loss prevention and security departments to identify clear and safe deterrents.


The client is able to access all or selected resources that are updated on a monthly basis with entry level membership
being a few hundred pounds to premium membership being less than the cost of a full-page magazine advert for a full
year’s membership. The video data is designed to be used either in isolation as a powerful briefing tool or can be equally
embedded into existing client awareness programmes. A support mechanism is also included in the form of short modules
of training advice.

Return on Investment

The client is able to identify and distribute appropriate intelligence across the business which can be edited to reflect
regional crime trends and target harden those members of the estate who would benefit most from the information.
Management information allows the client to monitor which parts of the business are utilising the intelligence and how far
the information is driving down loss. The ROI is significant and allows access to all levels of business.

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The TFS online intelligence portal is an ingenious method of providing security awareness training to staff, which can help reduce card fraud and aid a merchant in achieving this aspect of their PCI DSS compliance.

Robin Adams
Director of Security, Fraud and Risk Management

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The Portal goes live with Garage Watch - the leading monthly magazine for over 6,000 independent forecourts across the UK.

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