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Dealing with Major Incidents

An international conglomerate approached TFS in relation to domestic security issues. Of particular concern were the threats that could arise through white powder (anthrax) incidents, bomb threats and attacks to their business through the post room.

TFS responded quickly to the clients concerns and ran an internal audit process to evaluate the risk areas and identify where the client was most vulnerable.

The first phase of the corporate implementation plan was to devise a set of courses to train staff on how to identify risks, manage the threats and to react and respond appropriately. These courses were rolled out to all relevant staff and delivered in the TFS style - delivering high impact courses which are both informative and engaging, thereby maximising the chances of staff retaining the valuable knowledge within the programmes.

The second phase was to rewrite part of the staff training manuals and standard procedures to take account of the new safety protocols that TFS had delivered for the business.

The client was delighted with the TFS results and has since rolled the programme out more widely to other business units where similar threats existed.