Underlying Talent

The talent supporting this knowledge transfer platform are practitioners drawn from both higher education and the broader risk & security industry. Tutors have been chosen for their ability to synthesis reliable information within a commercial setting allowing access to all levels of existing experience and education. The blended learning approach is wholly inclusive and meets the learning needs of all students, many of whom may be uncertain about the value and accessibility of online personal development.

Ian Kirke headshot

Ian Kirke LLB (Hons), MSc. (Criminology & Criminal Psychology), Cert Ed, PGDip Adv. Prof. Res - Managing Director TFS

A former senior UK police officer now MD of TFS a leading UK Risk Consultancy and academic. Post holder at the Department of Criminology at Leicester University.

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Rob McHarg headshot

Rob McHarg LLB (Hons), Cert Ed – Director TFS

An experienced educationalist whose roots are embedded within the Criminal Justice System and extended police family. He has personally project managed a number of complex solutions for global organisations including Shell International where the client faced a number of threats to operations both on the mainland and at sea.

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Marta Kosiba Headshot

Marta Kosiba TFS Community Safety Accreditation Scheme & Online Administrator

An experienced training co-coordinator and internal verifier responsible for supporting the TFS online offer cross a number of platforms.

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Chris Ward headshot

Chris Ward

Chris, a recently retired Assistant Chief Constable, is a principle member of the TFS team specialising in the delivery of interview & fraud training, kidnap & hostage protocols and the management of critical incidents.

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Alan Fairclough headshot

Alan Fairclough Director of Investigative Training

Alan has a rich background within the domestic Criminal Justice System and brings a strong operational and technical pedigree to the arena of investigation and interviewing techniques.

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Dave Pascoe headshot

Dave Pascoe Director of Community Safety Accreditation Schemes (CSAS)

An experienced trainer in a number of differing domains (including legal, partnership working, risk, operations & senior management development) with a rich and varied criminal justice experience drawn from thirty years in the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

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Karim Ghalmi headshot

Lee Johnson Lead tactical physical intervention & close protection advisor

Lee has an enviable pedigree within the disciplines of physical intervention and close protection. He has protected several high-value human assets, including the Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, during his police career in which he was also a firearms and intelligence officer.

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Karim Ghalmi headshot

Karim Ghalmi Senior Substance Misuse Trainer & Advisor

Kaz has worked within a number of arenas including central government, police and the private sector. In 2003 he supported the drugs czar Keith Hellawell in drafting the Governments National Drugs Policy.

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