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Welcome to TFSLearn

TFSLearn allows users to access quality online training programmes designed to meet the needs of all business sectors, underpinned by the notion of continued professional development in affordable and structured bite size chunks.

Purposely modelled around the social media genre learning reflects a practical and uncomplicated approach that can be accessed on all types of fixed and mobile devices.

Created by leading security professionals and educationalists the learning is supported by the illuminating testimony of ex-offenders. Certificated programmes focus upon the reduction of risk and the heightening of the personal safety of employees and customers alike with new content being driven by service users.

“This is one of the most exciting developments in contemporary security training measured against delivery, cost, time and audience”

Danie Adendorff, Director of the Postgraduate Programme in Security Management at Loughborough University

“It’s like grabbing a coffee with a professional and learning the important, practical skills that really matter”

Ian Kirke LLB (Hons), MSc., Cert Ed