Drugs misuse in the Workplace: The enhanced risks to law enforcement, private security & local authority agencies

April 2017

This course is aimed at professionals who work within the criminal justice system that may come into contact with individuals who are in the early stages, or endless cycle, of acquisitive crime. These include PCSO’s, police officers, community wardens and custody staff.

It can be acknowledged that these professionals can often have more contact with substance misusers than local drugs services.

Drug & alcohol misuse is still an issue subject to myths & legends and often this fiction gets in the way of the facts. The aim of this course focuses on being made more aware of the effects drugs & alcohol whilst recognising the signs and receive relevant trustworthy information. The course will enable participants to identify and reduce the risks connected with substance misuse and consider the application and delivery of safer working environments.

This training day will offer a practical guide for dealing with drug & alcohol related problems thus reducing recidivism & improving the workplace safety (see an example of significant reductions here).

Benefits to the learner include:

  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of substance misuse.
  • Recognise paraphernalia and identify substances
  • Acquire the tools needed to facilitate people experiencing alcohol/substance difficulties.
  • Sign-posting to the relevant services outside of the criminal justice framework.
  • An enhanced confidence in working with people who misuse substances.