Facewatch are pleased to announce an exciting alliance with leading risk consultants & training providers TFS. Via the Facewatch platform users will be able to access online training programmes designed to meet the needs of all business sectors, underpinned by the notion of continued professional development in affordable and structured bite size chunks that will be created by leading educationalists and security professionals.

TFS is a UK market leader that provides a range of training courses and consultancy services designed to provide organisations with solutions that deal with business threats and risks. Areas of expertise include corporate investigations, protecting organisations against violence, robbery and kidnap situations, bespoke consultancy that engages with protestor activity, critical incident planning, loss prevention solutions and drug awareness in the workplace.

TFS has an impressive client list which includes businesses from the retail sector, such as Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. TFS has a strong presence within the wider criminal justice system working alongside a number of police forces within the context of the extended police family.

One of the key contributors to this programme will be Danie Adendorff, Director of the Postgraduate Programme in Security Management at Loughborough University.

Initially the provision will be framed around a number of preventative strategies supported by the illuminating testimony of ex-offenders that can be easily acted upon by frontline staff in order to thwart some of the most commonplace and cyclical scams & deceptions. Modules that engage with personal safety and dealing with internal crime will be added that can be undertaken in isolation or added together to provide an accredited award that is transportable throughout the learner’s career.

Ian Kirke, MD of TFS, remarks, “The specially commissioned online programmes will reflect the ethos of Facewatch utilising the professional knowledge that has been developed within, for example, our leading crime reduction solutions that underpin the Home Office community safety scheme and our interview model that has been adopted by Hertfordshire Constabulary for their operational police officers”.

Danie added, “ This is one of the most exciting developments in contemporary security training measured against delivery, cost, time and audience.” TFS has an enviable track record in providing high-end quality training solutions across a number of public and commercial sectors.

Facewatch chairman Simon Gordon added, “I know from running Gordon’s wine bar how important it is to have well trained staff and have always wanted to create a platform to help ensure there are no “gaps” in staff training for small businesses.  TFS already provides training for the largest retailers in this country and it is fantastic to be able to make this accessible for smaller businesses through the Facewatch platform.”

The system will be made available through Facewatch in the Summer.

For further information, please contact:

Simon Gordon, Chairman, Facewatch on 020 7930 3225 or email
simon.gordon@facewatch.co.uk .

TFS on 0870 114 9999 or


Notes to editors:


  • Online crime reporting using any device with an internet browser

  • No special equipment required – a computer with broadband access is all you need

  • Works with any existing CCTV system or even without CCTV for reporting only

  • Perfect for shops, licensed premises, hotels and all CCTV monitored premises

  • Image sharing in groups such as Pubwatches, Shopwatches, BIDs, shopping centres, high street groups, retail chains and larger retail groups

  • Direct link to local police forces and appropriate officers – police update the crime status throughout the investigation and can use the system for secure messaging between the business and case officers which remains on the case file

  • Creation of posters showing images of banned or suspect persons for use by staff

  • Full statistical analysis with key performance indicators showing police status and success rates in solving the crimes

  • Creation of full evidential pack including automatic witness statements and crime reference online by the business user

  • Free and instant cancellation of victim’s credit and debit cards following theft

  • Victim and business updated automatically on police progress of crime investigation by email


  • TFS is a UK registered company established in 1997 providing training courses and consultancy for a range of corporate and government customers.

  • Staff have extensive experience of providing training and consultancy, helping customers minimise business threats and substantially increase productivity.

  • The focus of TFS is to provide informative, relevant and engaging learning experiences which clients can use in their everyday workplace.

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  • Training For Success programmes are accredited by the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at The University of Portsmouth

  • Training For Success is a Skills for Security partner. For more information please visit www.skillsforsecurity.org.uk

  • www.tfsuccess.com


For more information please contact:

Simon Gordon, Facewatch Chairman

Email@ Simon@facewatch.co.uk

Mob: 07824 440265

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Stuart Greenfield – PR Consultant

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