TFS sponsor the re-birth of Speedway giants – Oxford Cheetahs

Oxford Speedway

OXFORD Cheetahs will roar back into action next month – facing old rivals Wimbledon at Reading’s Smallmead stadium.

The meeting between the two former giants of British Speedway will take place on Monday, August 11.

Nick Andrews, the man behind the venture to get the Cheetahs back on track, said: “It will be a special night for both clubs. For Wimbledon, it will be their 80th anniversary meeting, and it will also mark the 60th successive season that an Oxford side has taken to the track.

“There’s also a little unsettled business between the two clubs, as Oxford pipped Wimbledon to the Conference League title in Wimbledon’s final season of league action in 2005.”

Andrews added: “I’m also delighted to announce TFS Ltd as Oxford’s team sponsors for this season. The team will be known as the Oxford Cheetahs.

“TFS are a specialist security training company based in Surrey and their managing director, Ian Kirke, is a big speedway fan and has been a supporter of Oxford over the years. His company has backed the team for all riders pay and travel until the end of the season.”

The Cheetahs squad consists of nine former Oxford riders: Jamie Courtney, Kyle Hughes, John Branney, Marc Andrews, Brendan Johnson, Matt Bates, Andrew Bargh, Matt Davis and Ben Hopwood.

In addition, Danny Warwick, Barrie Evans and Alex McLeod have offered their services when the ex-Oxford riders are unavailable.

Further full challenge matches for the Cheetahs have been pencilled in at Weymouth and Sittingbourne on dates to be confirmed, while a match at Rye House is also a possibility.

In addition, Oxford will feature in second halves at Poole (on September 17), Somerset and Reading.