Crisis Management Media Training

TFS is pleased to announce the dynamic partnership with accomplished broadcaster Rob Butler.

In a world of 24 hour media demands, tackling corporate threats is not just about confronting the immediate danger posed to a business. It is vital to have a sound communications strategy to deal with every eventuality. We live in a time where perception is reality, so it is crucial that the press and public understand what is happening and why when a crisis hits. It may be a question of minimising the publicity around an event, or your executives may have to appear on live TV to explain what action you are taking to deal with a problem. Our collaboration with Rob Butler will enable your team to understand what the media want, and to be trained to handle probing questions from journalists and other stakeholders. Your company's reputation could depend upon it.

Rob was appointed an ITN News Anchor for the launch of Channel 5, and had his own daily programme for seven years, interviewing everyone from Cabinet Ministers to pop stars; sporting heroes to convicted criminals. He also hosted quiz and talk shows on Five, and presented occasional documentaries, including an interview with James Hewitt, who revealed he began his affair with the Princess of Wales five years earlier than ever previously admitted. Rob currently interviews major movie stars and directors for a new TV channel, Film 24.