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For some, training and development is seen primarily as a cost. In some cases a significant cost. Add elements of health, safety and security to the equation and the eyes of budget holders and the executive may begin to glaze over. To be successful quality training interventions need not only to provide the necessary individual skills but must also be a proven investment within the primary business function, be it the reduction of loss, enhanced profits or superior customer satisfaction.

TFS has established successful partnerships with a number of high profile clients throughout the UK providing effective solutions to both commercial requirements.

"The training delivered for senior managers in Waitrose has been provided to a high standard and we enjoy a strong relationship with TFS" said John Doughty, Head of Training & Management Development, Waitrose

The Personal Safety range, embracing the handling of conflict and aggression through to the specific nature of robbery, has become a core requirement for a number of high profile UK clients.

"I have nothing but praise for TFS, for their work, training provision and customer approach. Indeed it has been a pleasure to have been taught by and work with them. Having been both a delegate and customer I feel I am qualified to say three things that in my mind sum up TFS' they are professional, they are good and they are quality" said John Wilson, Operations Training Manager, Securicor Cash Services

The programmes integrate personal and business objectives. Preventative measures provide pragmatic ways of minimising the likelihood of dangerous situations from happening in the first instance whilst the management of real events identify time efficient resolutions and effective ways of dealing with persistent troublemakers who are arguably responsible for the majority outbreaks of violence against staff.

"The training delivery was first class and your ongoing support is appreciated. The training will allow our staff to take a more considered view when approaching conflict situations, and be more pragmatic in their response to retail crime. Your solution is well suited to retail clients." said Allison Taylor, Head of GB Retail Security, Tesco.

However, external factors do not represent the complete picture and threats from within can have a major impact on profitability, staff moral and customer perception. This most vulnerable and challenging area of management responsibility has been significantly supported by the TFS 2-day Investigative Interviewing Programme. This programme equips managers with the requisite skills necessary to plan an internal investigation, gather appropriate evidence and conduct an ethical interview that integrates policy, the needs of relevant staff associations and the requirements of potential employment tribunals.

"As the Training & Communications Manager within the Retail Security department at Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd, effective interviewing techniques are of paramount importance. In that respect, the work I have done with TFS to put together this course has already been very rewarding. After only two courses, delegates were using the techniques learned to successfully interview hitherto difficult suspects. I believe the key elements of this course are its robustness and simplicity" said David Hatmil, Training & Communications Manager, Sainsbury's PLC

Other products include solutions for Kidnap & Hostage, Drugs Awareness in the Workplace and Developing Positive Customer Relations. Both the Personal Safety for Managers course and Investigative Interviewing programme are endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management and accredited by the Security Industry Training Organisation.

Released on 18/03/2005

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