IFSEC Conference 2004

TFS Limited - Training in the Retail Sector

'Violence is up' was the chilling and consistent message that met the publication of a number of key security reviews, including the British Retail Crime survey, during 2003. TFS Limited, a leader in high quality work-based personal safety programmes, in partnership with a number of high street retailers tackle the problems faced in today's often-volatile high street environment. They discuss the issues, demystify the options and offer pragmatic solutions.

Key talking points will focus upon the often diverse attitudes towards conflict resolution within the retail environment, ranging from the 'all hands on deck' posture to the considered, and more advantageous, route of uncomplicated and safer interventions including simple preventative measures through to low risk challenges and the straightforward exclusion of persistent offenders.

The modelling of reactive measures is frequently interpreted as a straightforward lift from other agencies, notably the police. The end product is, usually, one that may fit in places but in truth leaves dangerous and harmful gaps.

The 'four steps to success' will address the key stages of conflict management, embracing throughout a practical attitude towards the safety of staff and customers alike. The talking is backed up by evidence of delivery within a number of high profile High Street retailers and the successful implementation of strategies that compliment the core business function rather than confuse it.

Editorial content - Ian Kirke, TFS Limited

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