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Scams, lies & video tape - Commercial Fraud

In the UK fraud is estimated to cost £20 billion annually. How much does your organisation lose to the sleight of hand fraudsters? From credit card scams to shoplifting tricks and general cash swindles fraud can destroy the bottom line and leave companies vulnerable to future criminal intrusions.

The Logic Group logoThe TFS online intelligence portal is an ingenious method of providing security awareness training to staff, which can help reduce card fraud and aid a merchant in achieving this aspect of their PCI DSS compliance. Robin Adam, Director of Security, Fraud and Risk Management.

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The Enemy within ...

You may know that disloyal employees are responsible for 35.5% of shrinkage.

But what about the ones that cause disruption by onerous grievances?

The ones that play the game by feigning stress or claim that managers are bullying?

Policies are one thing but can your organisation demonstrate to an Employment Tribunal that successful compliance was reflected in both the investigative and interviewing process?

cid:image004.jpg@01CC2CF2.A44513C0The average cost of preparing for ET is £10K. Fines can cripple and reputational harm can be significant.  Employment law has been in constant transition throughout the past few years. The shifts occurring are set to continue. It is therefore crucial that employers are aware of the major changes that affect them in relation to employment law. Jake Dutton, Solicitor Advocate.

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cid:image008.png@01CC2CF2.71611F80Accredited by The Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, The University of Portsmouth

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Training For Success is delighted to announce the successful tender award of the provision of Community Safety for Accredited Persons (CSAS) training for Transport for London (TfL) Revenue Protection Inspectors.

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